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Dr. Gary's Ultimate Pet Healthcare 101
Coaching Course
Here's What You'll Get:
Integrative Medicine —
Secrets to Pet Health and Longevity: 
Your course begins with properly assessing your pet’s health. Next, you'll explore the major components of pet nutrition, how to use nutrition to heal, the secrets behind supplements, investigating non-traditional forms of treatment, and much more! This course will unlock the specialized knowledge to help your pet thrive... giving you the confidence you need when making decisions for your pet's health and well-being.
Six Private Invitations to
Dr. Gary's Coaching Group: 
Enrolling in Ultimate Pet Healthcare 101 also grants you access to six coaching group sessions with Dr. Gary himself. On each of these livestream sessions, Dr. Gary will go deeper on vital topics including:
  • How you can start to identify signs of illness in your pet;
  • What exactly integrative pet care is, and how its the best kept secret in veterinary medicine right now;
  • What the major components of nutrition include, and how to determine if your pet is getting them;
  • If supplements are really beneficial, and how to choose the right ones;
  • How to use nutrition as a healing tool... starting right now; and
  • Deeper investigation and findings with non-traditional treatments.
Ultimate Pet Health Toolkit: 
In addition to amazing educational resources, this course also comes with practical action steps you can take at home to start your journey towards optimal health for your pet. From at-home recipes and health assessment tools to easy-to-use charts and worksheets; we are here to make sure you have everything you need to be a hero to your best friend.
My Pet Thrives Playbook:
This playbook is your never-ending guide for expert advice, tools, and resources on specialized topics that pet parents ask Dr. Gary about in his holistic vet practice.​ You'll gain unlimited access to new playbook content, as well as all archived playbook content so you always possess the competitive edge when it comes to your pet’s health, happiness, safety and well-being.  
​Your Private Community of
Dedicated Pet Parents: 
Immediately after enrolling, you'll receive an invitation to join the official My Pet Thrives Community where you'll find your "tribe" of dedicated pet parents (just like you). This community was designed to help support YOU through sharing important updates, tips, tricks, guidance, and additional resources. 

Secure Processing

Each order is processed through a secure, encrypted payment processing gateway to ensure your privacy.